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In the global forum of XR I answered to two questions:

[schenker_oeff] [XR Scientist]

What role have universities (and academia more generally) played in creating the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE)?

To what extent do we want to support and/or take part in actions on university campuses […]?

Thanks for showing me this place of reflection, so that I can add some words (- I am working in a ‘free academic institution’, which is independent of state and money , the “Holistic Culture-Laboratory lilitopia.de” -):

I am very happy, that ‘rebellion-movements’ like “Fridays for Future” and XR put their accent not so much on offering lists of outside ecological propositions, but emphasize, that we should at first create the democratic and participative structures for finding such outside solution-lists…

We need to focus on the “steering-wheels”!
The ‘World-Titanic’ is in danger of crashing from iceberg to iceberg, and we cannot be saved by regulating the radiators, getting ecological food into the restaurant, using stairs instead of lifts, or solar-lifts, and getting ecological dancing and theatre onto the stage of the big saloon… – We can only be saved by a radical change of direction, at the central steering wheel!..

For this I see a very big responsibility of the (university-)sciences (especially philosophy as ‘root-science’, and psychology and the ‘social-ecological sciences’) – and for free academies!
We must stop the actual role of the (university-)sciences, to give (or sell) knowledge and tools, without looking for responsibility…

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